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Independent tests have shown even greater plant uptake than chemical fertilizers at a fraction of the cost.

As part of our service offering we provide:

  • A full soil sampling of your farm

  • Complete Nutrient Management Plan

  • We manage Local Authority Approval

  • We deliver the exact amount of digestate to your location

Call us at 01 685 4324 and we will be happy to discuss your soil nutrient requirements with you.

The by-product of the AD process known as digestate is a nutrient rich substance that can replace expensive synthetic fertilizers.  This is crucial for reducing our reliance on expensive non-organic fertilizers.



Biogas production is a virtuous circle.  We take organic materials which may become environmental pollutants, and transform them into gas.  The residue from the anaerobic digestion process is dried and supplied to farmers as a nutrient rich fertiliser.  

1. Digestate produced from Anaerobic Digestion is nutrient rich

Nutricore Digestate is the by-product of the AD process.  It is packed full of essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and trace elements, unlike chemical fertilisers which contain a limited range of nutrients. The use of digestate eliminates nutrient imbalances in the soil and improves soil health through the gradual release of nutrients.  This also supports steady plant growth.

2. Improved Soil Structure

Digestate contains significant amounts of organic matter. When incorporated into the soil organic matter improves drainage, water retention and soil structure. Improved soil structure results in a healthy soil ecosystem, improved aeration, root growth and increased microbial activity. 

3. Helping to protect the Environment

More than five tonnes of carbon dioxide are emitted for each tonne of chemical fertilizer produced.  Methane produced by rotting manure and slurry is one of the hardest global emissions to avoid.  

The use of digestate as a fertiliser reduces these environmental impact compared to chemical alternatives. Chemical fertilisers are carbon intensive and can leach into water bodies resulting in nutrient pollution. Using digestate helps to protect our waterways, improves crop resiliance against climate change and fosters soil carbon sequestration.

Unlike chemical fertilizers, digestate is produced in Ireland and doesn't have to travel across countries to reach your farm.

4. Closing the nutrient loop

By utilising digestate as a fertiliser, farmers are actively participating in a circular economy approach.  Applying digestate back to the land completes the nutrient loop, returning valuable nutrients to the soil and closing the circle of resource recovery.  The AD process has zero waste.

5. Cost benefits to farmers

Digestate provides the benefits of organic matter and nutrients in one product eliminating the need for separate fertilisers.

If you would like to know more about our digestate contact as at
or call us at 01 969 6066.

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