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Renewable Energy Development
Renewable Energy   Project Development

Biocore in conjunction with our partner Bioconstruct GMBH, develop and operate Anaerobic Digestion plants of different input and output sizes as well as providing a full suite of development services to 3rd parties. Biocore is happy to discuss any potential opportunities.

Sludge Management
Biosolids Management

We provide a full life cycle service to many clients operating in the municipal and private sectors including collection, transportation and disposal/reuse of their sludges

Farm Services
Farm Services

We offer farmers throughout the country a viable and fully certified alternative to expensive Chemical Fertilizers including full Nutrient Management Planning



Biocore Environmental Ltd was founded in 2010 with the aim to provde biosolids services and generate renewable power. Since the Company started we have grown into one of the largest biosolids management companies in the Irish market now catering for over 40,000 tonnes of bolth municipal and private biosolid. The company has replaced many thousand tonnes of chemical fertilizers and reduced the cost to our customers.

The renewable energy division has recently completed the development and sale of the 2nd largest energy crop Anaerobic Digestors in the UK. The plant utilized the latest in gas upgrade technology to enable it to inject over 20 million cubic meters of gas into the UK national grid.

Construction has commenced on our first Irish renewable energy project with the facility producing power to the grid within 12 months. Bioconstruct GMBH will supply the technology with Irish based Priority Construction completing the civils.


Roscommon AD
Roscommon AD will produce 2 MW of renewable energy
Ellough AD Facility
The largest energy crop gas to grid plant in the UK
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Year Established

2 Million

MW Hours Produced


 tonnes Chemical fertilizer Replaced


 kg Carbon Saved

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